Registrations open on January 21th with the most affordable Early Bird Full Pass. From this date you will be able to send us your registration request using the following form. We invite you to read the important information at the bottom of this page.




P1 EARLY BIRD - triple room | 190€
P2 FULL PASS - triple room | 205€
P3 FULL PASS - double room | 230€


After clicking the following button, you will receive an email (if you don't get any email check also your spam messages). We look forward to seeing you soon in Greece!

Please fill the form.

Registration information

We don't accept dancers at the entrance without a confirmed registration. Sunset Tango Marathon has a limited quantity of participants.
Our main criteria is to provide a beatifull experience with a good leader/follower balance among different countries and cities. Each registration is individual and cannot be transfered.
Priority is given to couples that register together as partners and roomates. If you can't find a partner and/or roomate(s), we will do our best to find for you.
Once you are "confirmed", in the case of cancellation, there is no refund of the partial fee. Please keep us informed, so that we can accept someone else from the waiting list.
You are linked with your roommate(s). Please consider that you will be confirmed and checked in with your roommate(s).

How to register?

- Step 1 (Waiting List status): Fill the registration request form. You will receive an email. If you don't get any email check also your spam messages.
- Step 2 (Pending status): As soon as we find a spot for you, you will receive an email asking you to pay a partial fee in advance (this fee does not exceed 50% of the total amount).
- Step 3 (Confirmed): When the payment is received you will get a confirmation email. See you in Greece for the check in. Until then... Enjoy!