Ideal holidays means relaxation and insouciance... They do not have program and schedules.


Perfect Location

Bianco Olympico Hotel is in front (100m) of the beach of Batopedi in Ormylia (Sithonia). Located at 4km from Metamorphosis and 2.5 km from Vatopedi villages, the hotel is ready to give you unforgettable hours of calm in it's beautiful verandas with unique views.

The Pool!

Taking a cool bath before each of the milongas is the best way to wake your body up. Not to mention that you have to be fresh for those cabeceos!


Each room has it's own Air-condition so that the room will be in the temperature that you want when you get back from the milongas.

Mini fridge

Each room has it's own mini fridge. We're sure it's the first place you'll go after dancing for hours!

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Swimming pool and beach
View from the hotel where the milongas take place.