Semeon Kukormin

Semeon Kukormin (Russia)

Last year we couldn't stop dancing to the rythmical and melodical musical choices of Semeon... And he didn't stop until our feet were left with exactly the least energy needed to take the road to our hotel rooms (which takes less than 2 minutes). A beautiful smile is always a must for his work and his work is all about sharing love to all the people dancing.

This year he will surround us with love and peace again... And of course for those who were inspired by chacarera or those who missed last year's class we can give one more lucky chance with Semeon... Get ready for some seriously good vibes... ;)

Utku Küley

Utku Küley (Turkey)

Welcome to Sunset Tango Marathon, DJ Utku Küley!

Music and musicality have always been very exciting for me in dancing and teaching tango. I am a musician and my passion with tango music influences my dance as a performer and also my career as a DJ. I love playing music from the Golden Age, and my favourites are Lomuto, Domingo Federico, D'Arienzo and Di Sarli. I love to create an emotional and energetic mood at the pista with my selections of melodic and rythmic variety and richness.

Utku is the head instructor of Academia Del Tango İstanbul, resident DJ of Milonga Para Bailar and organizer of Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival. He played his tandas for thousands of people in various festivals, marathons and milongas through Europe and Turkey, including İstanbul Tango Festival, Tangomagia, Verona Tango Festival, Thessaloniki Tango Marathon, Sonando Tango Marathon, Skopje Tango Marathon, Buenos Aires (Practica X, La Viruta, Villa Malcolm, Salon Canning, La Ideal).

Horia Călin Pop

Horia Călin Pop (Romania)

I started to collect tango digital music since 2007. Even though I didn't know how to dance tango I liked to have this genre in my library. Tango dancing came later and the music came in handy.

I like to play clear and profound tandas that have something important to tell. I want my music to make people connect, to be simple, easy and natural. I love to make people dance! I try to figure out their energy potential on it.

We can try to create new energy (interesting, but risky). We can also go with the flow and maybe influence a very little bit, enough to challenge the dancers. I love to put light melodic tandas, with chilly rhythmical ones but i love to spice it up with fluid and playful milongas and waltzes. I never miss to put at least a surprise tanda per night. I'm a romantic, my favourite tanda is Di Sarli with Florio.

Ilias Selalmazidis

Ilias Selalmazidis (Greece)

Being a professional dancer since 1987 and an argentine tango teacher since 2005, it is quite natural that I have grown to love tango music.

My next professional step was to work as a DJ in numerous milongas and tango festivals, playing the music that I love. I have huge amounts of tango music waiting to be danced by enthusiastic tango lovers. My travels all over the world offered me the chance to possess both mainstream as well as rare tango songs that deserve to be heard. Each song has its own story and a hidden meaning that can be expressed through the art of dancing. My tango music always bewitches the audience that want to dance till dawn. I derive my rhythm from the dancers and grant them a restless dancing beat.

My endless passion for tango dance and music makes me one of the most crazy DJs in the (known) world!

Georgia Priskou

Georgia Priskou (Greece)

Georgia started djing since many years ago, better not refer to the exact number of years...!

She is always playing "in cooperation" with the dancers that are present at the pista. She loves all the orquestras of all time periods with specific weaknesses of course depending on the time period. She has played in tens of events and milongas around Greece and abroad...

She will connect with us on a time travel! But don't be afraid, it can only be a pleasant trip...

Gregory Diaz

Gregory Diaz (France)

I love music from very young and joined the national school where I studied the piano. Much later in 2003 I discovered argentinian tango and have been addicted. Dawn! Probably forever... In 2010 I created El Recodo Tango school in Bordeaux (France) where I'm teaching. I also played in several international events.

If you don't know me yet as a DJ you probably found my online articles, tango music database or the famous game Tango Music Quiz on the Web. If you don't know it yet, I strongly invite you to have a look...

I like good mixes of classics from golden age, best melodies, orchestras, and bla bla bla... Get ready to hear my best tracks this summer.